Volunteer Here

Volunteer Here

‘Dens and
determination, made with you,
a few hours a month’.

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Group Supporter/Executive Member

Fundraising – Organising events – Publicity – Up keeping the building – Administration

Make new friends!





Helper for Young People

Listen and encourage to participate – Helping with activities – Encourage young people to find the solutions to tasks themselves or by working in a team.

Have fun yourself!




Subs Collector

Keep and update records of our member’s subscription fee payments – Bank payments or pass money to the treasurer – Assist new members to set up direct debits or understand when payments should be made.





Media & Communications Team Member

Press releases on group activities – Promotion of Scouting at local events








Fund raising Team

Good organisational skills? – Planning and problem solving? –

Would you like to do something positive for the local community?




Assistant Leader

Beavers 6-8 – Cubs 8-10.5 – Scouts 10.5 – 14 – Explorers 14-18 – Network 18-25

Teeth-gritting – keep-on-going – summit reaching – belly-laughing one night a week in
term time





Online Expertise

Facebook and Twitter

Activities via Zoom







Games Assistant

If you can you spare 10minutes/ week, we can give you ideas and resources to run the first or last game of the night.

This will help leaders to set up/ tidy up activities and talk to parents and you can enjoy the excitement of Scouting!




Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls