Training Updates – Jan 2018 to Oct 2020

Training Updates – Jan 2018 to Oct 2020

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Training Updates
Below is a list of all recent updates within activities, along with explanations.

October 2020
The Adults Personal File and Training Advisers Guide resources have been updated inline with the changes made to the training scheme. You can find out more about all of the changes here.

September 2020
A number of changes have been made to the Adult Training Scheme as of 15 September 2020. You can find out more about all of the changes here.

August 2020
The following updates are being made for launch on 18th August 2020.

Updated Safety Training
The Safety Mandatory Ongoing Learning training has been updated. For further information on this update click here.

Updates to training modules
Updated training material to support Running Safe Activities (17), Skills for Residential Experiences (38) and Safety for Managers and Supporters. These changes are based on updates to the approval process for activities and the risk assessment process.

June 2020

Updated Safeguarding Training
The Safeguarding Mandatory Ongoing Learning training has been updated. For further information on this update click here.

Extended Validation Permissions
As well as the National Training Adviser team, who have been set up to support the recording of modules that are validated through an online assessment, we have also extended permissions to the following roles:
Acting, Assistant and Group Scout Leader
Acting, Deputy and District Commissioner
District Explorer Scout Commissioner
Acting, Deputy and County Commissioner
Regional Commissioner
Assistant Regional Commissioners (Training) (England)
These roles should only validate modules in Compass where validation is through the completion of an online assessment which generates a certificate so that is Safety and Safeguarding MOGL and GDPR.

April 2020
New support for Appointments Advisory Committees

New support for Appointments Advisory Committees and panel members has been created in the form of a webinar and supporting guidance documents. These can be found on the Module 37 trainers and learners pages.

Supporting training during coronavirus

How we interact with one another is changing. Training teams are looking at how they can support adults to continue with training and validation in a virtual world. As a training team, please look at using online tools, but also be mindful of data safety and GDPR responsibilities.

March 2020

Updates to training modules

Updated training material to support Scouting For All (module 7) and Adjustments to Scouts (module 36) have been launched. Take a look at this recorded webinar which explains some of the changes to these modules. The name for the Additional Needs module will also be changing to ‘Adjustment to Scouts’.

Core Documents

The training core documents which include the Module Matrix, Adult Training Scheme, the various Adult Personal Files and the two Training Advisers Guide are normally reviewed on a yearly basis. Moving forward, we have made the decision to put a hold on reviewing the core training documents for this year. Any additions or changes to the training scheme instead will be detailed on this Training Updates page.

February 2020

Upcoming changes to training modules

Later this year there will be minor changes being made to the Administration (module 11) and Working With Adults (module 9) training modules. If you’re planning on delivering these training modules from late summer onwards, please make sure you’re using the updated resources. Details of the minor changes will be communicated both in the monthly membership email and on this page when the modules are ready for launch.

Training roles

As part of a realignment of line management and consistency of role names in the regions, the Regional Training Manager role is changing. Regional Training Managers will now be known as Assistant Regional Commissioners (Training) and will be line managed by the Regional Commissioner. No other roles are affected by this change. Policy, Organisation and Rules has been changed to reflect these changes and compass updates are coming soon.

June 2019
The Changes in Scouting (06) module has been updated to bring the history of Scouts up to date. Resources have been updated, a new film and workbook have been created.

April 2019
The core documents that support the Adult Training Scheme have been updated to include the changes listed on this page since January 2018. The documents have also received a general refresh including branding and the correction of other minor errors found since the last publication.

Volunteers now have access to three National Autistic Society eLearning modules:

Understanding Autism
Autism, Sport and Physical Activity
Autism, Stress and Anxiety

Please help promote them and support volunteers by recording this training. These modules are optional and no validation is required, but a certificate can be generated and sent to a training adviser, training admin or training manager as evidence of ongoing learning to add to Compass. Volunteers can watch a webinar on Scouts and autism, which offer practical advice for section leadership teams. We are currently reviewing and updating our training module on additional needs which will be available in the autumn.

January 2019
Ongoing learning

Following a change to the Appointment Process chapter in Policy, Organisation and Rules (January 2019 edition), Members requiring an appointment review together with all Executive Committee members are required to complete the mandatory ongoing Safeguarding and ongoing Safety training. Making sure members follow and apply the Safety and Safeguarding policies of the Scouts locally is a specific responsibility of Executive Committees and line managers. This training will help Charity Trustees to fulfil their legal responsibility.

A review of first aid provision within Scouting has been undertaken which has resulted in a task and finish group being established consisting of members with a variety of roles and backgrounds. This group have been working through a set of recommendations which are intended to improve the first aid provision within the Scouts. The first phase of outcomes from this work relates to the requirements for first aid in remote environments, and also the duration between members undertaking first aid training.

Updated Resources:
Rule 9.7 Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme – This rule is being updated to better describe the activities considered to be remote and therefore require immediate access to someone with a higher level of first aid qualification.
Rule 9.56 Nights Away – Responsibilities – This rule is being updated to better describe the activities considered to be remote and therefore require immediate access to someone with a higher level of first aid qualification.
The Appointment Process 5 – Reviewing Appointments – This rule is being updated to require members to maintain a minimum of first response at all times following their first appointment review.

New Resources:
First Aid FAQs – This is a new resource, developed following feedback from members during the project and the pre-launch checks phase.

A transition until 31 December 2020 has been provided to ensure that members have time to adapt to the new requirements. Work is ongoing to review the existing content of the First Response course and associated materials.

Assessing Learning (module 25) has new and updated resources. Training Advisers – A Manager’s guide is for those wishing to understand how TAs can be a valuable asset to the journey of a new member, or those changing their role.

Assessing Learning (module 25) and associated workbooks have also been refreshed with updated validation criteria. Alongside this, a revised Tool Kit for those who manage TAs is also now available.

December 2018
The ‘Training Managers Toolkit for supporting Training Advisers’ was updated with refreshed sessions included.

A new resource has been created for members in Manager roles. ‘Training Advisers, A Managers Guide’ is for those wishing to understand how training Advisers can be a valuable asset to the journey of a new member or those changing their role.

November 2018
Updates were made to ‘Administration’ (module 11) to align the training to the new GDPR and Data Protection Act.

Trainer notes, Workbook and Appendices were updated.

October 2018
A new video to assist learning about community impact was added to the list of available resources to support ‘Delivering a Quality Programme’ (module 12A). Trainer notes were also updated.

The trainer notes for ‘Programme Planning’ (module 12B) were updated to embed community impact into the Scouting programme.

September 2018
Following feedback from members, the validation criteria for the GDPR e-learning was changed and a certificate added to the e-learning module. A deadline for all existing members to complete the training was added as the 31st December 2018.

August 2018
‘Internal Moderation’ (module 35) was formally removed from the Scouts’ Adult Training Scheme.

May 2018
Following the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), a new e-learning module has been created. This must be completed by all members who’s role requires them to also complete ‘Essential Information’ (module 1) or ‘Essential Information for Executive Committee Members’ (module 1E).

February 2018
A new module has been added to the Scouts’ Adult Training Scheme. ‘Mentoring and Coaching’ (module 39) has been added to the supplementary modules to help provide members with the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to effectively mentor and coach both adults and young people in Scouting roles.

January 2018
Following an incident in 2017 various modules have been updated to improve the content relating to gas safety and Carbon Monoxide awareness. These changes are effective from 1 June 2018, resources may not be available until this date.

Essential Information (01) – Updates to the trainers notes

Introduction to Residential Experiences (16) – Updates to the trainers notes

Running Safe Activities (17) – Updates to the trainers notes and learners workbook

Skills for Residential Experiences (38) – Updates to the trainers notes

Safety for Managers and Supporters – Updates to the learners workbook

Mandatory ongoing learning – safety – Updates to the trainers notes

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