Top Awards (16-25 Years)

Top Awards (16-25 Years)

The Dorset Top Awards program was setup to help promote and run the Scouting Top Awards across the county. Our aim is to cover all of the awards from the Chief Scout’s Award to the King’s Scout Award, Duke of Edinburgh Award, and the Explorer Belt (And any other award available to our Senior Sections).

To help us achieve this, we run special meetings and events focused on these awards over the year, and work with our local district teams to deliver the resources available so that our members can complete the self led requirements of these awards to the best of their ability.

Our top awards team is made up of a number of dedicated adults lead by Tania and James

Tania Mandall – Sub-Team Lead for Youth Top Awards

James Winchester – Lead Advisor for the King’s Scout Award in Dorset – James has been involved in Scouting for more then 20 years in multiple roles, and has led our Top Awards program since 2020. You can contact James at 

Andy Miles – Advisor for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme in Dorset – Andy has been involved in Scouting for more then 40 years in multiple roles, and has led our DofE program since 2014. You can contact Andy at 

In Scouting the Top 4 Awards to be earned before you turn 25 are: 

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award / King’s Scout Award (Formally Queen’s Scout Award) / Explorer Belt Award / Scouts of the World Award  

For more information on the Top Awards, please click on the links below:


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