Registering on Cornwall Scouts First Response courses

Registering on Cornwall Scouts First Response courses

Here is how you can book places hosted by Cornwall Scouts who we have a partnership with.

Get a login

First of all you need a login to Cornwall Scouts website

1  Go here to register for a username. 

2  Complete the fields, in particular:

  • Under “District, select ‘The rest of the world’
  • Under “Group”, type in ‘Dorset’
  • Under “I am”, select ‘a leader from outside Cornwall’

3 You will receive an email acknowledging your application titled “Registration pending”

4 Wait until it is approved, you will receive an email titled “Congratulations! Registration approved on Cornwall Scouts”



1 Once you have a username, login by going here. Whilst you’re logged in go to the next step.


Book your courses

1  Go to our training calendar here and enter 10a in the search bar under “Search for a training course” to limit the list to first aid ones.

2  Scroll through and review the dates. You need to pick out 3 dates, one each of Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. They are scheduled in sets, one week apart, but if you cannot do a full set, pick your own dates.

3  Alongside your first chosen date, click on “More info”, it will direct you to Cornwall’s website or Dorset’s eventbrite service. If you get routed to Cornwall’s website, follow the next instructions.

4  Scroll down this page to the heading “Bookings” and you will see some info pre-populated from your login information. Complete the booking as follows

  • Under “Membership Number”, type in your number
  • Under “Scout District”, choose ‘OTHER’
  • Under  “If Other….”, type in Dorset and your district
  • Under “Scout Group”, type in your group or unit or n/a
  • Under “Additional Needs”, type in anything relevant for an online course if required
  • Click the box next to “I consent…”
  • Click the button “Send your booking”

5 Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the other 2 parts you want to book.  

6 You will receive emails saying your bookings have been received, titled “Booking Pending”.

7 Wait for the confirmations which will be emails titled “Booking Confirmed”. In these emails will be the Zoom login details for the sessions so keep them safe.

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