Royal Awards For Service Presented by Bishop of Salisbury to Dorset Scouts

Date: 10th Feb 2023 Author: County Office

Last September we were all deeply saddened at the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, or
‘Gone Home’ as we would say in Scouting

What many didn’t know was that the Royal Family had requested that the Scout Association should
help with the funeral. Scouting provided 160 members across the UK in key locations to assist the
public and pay respects accordingly Twenty volunteers were selected for ‘Operation Highland’ in
Edinburgh and another one hundred and twenty were selected for ‘Operation Feather’ in London for
the Official lying in State and finally twenty members were asked to attend Windsor for ‘Operation

We are so proud that three Network members from Dorset, were selected and served the nation for
‘Operation Feather’ and two adult Leaders selected for ‘Operation Castle’

On Sunday 5 February 2023 a special Presentation was made by the Bishop of Salisbury, The Right
Reverend Stephen Lake in his private residence alongside the Cathedral in Salisbury. Bishop Stephen
has himself been a Scout since he was a young Cub Scout and now a Vice President of Dorset Scouts.
He and his wife Carol greeted everyone into his home so warmly and entertained afterwards with
coffee and cake, which was much appreciated.

He presented each of the five volunteers with a Certificate of Service from the Royal Family for
Services to the Nation and a County Commissioners Commendation on behalf of Dorset Scouts
We would like to congratulate and sincerely thank Jade McCarthy, Daniel Stones and Hayden Allen
for their service during ‘Operation Feather’ and to James Winchester and Michael Winchester for
their service during ‘Operation Castle’.

This was such an honour not only for Dorset, but for Scouting nationally and further shows the
respect and affection held by our Royal Family toward the Scout Movement in general . Well done all.

Melvin Stroud

Deputy County Commissioner


Dorset Scouts at Assisting the Queens Funeral

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