24th World Scout Jamboree Leader Selection Camp

Date: 14th Jul 2017 Author: Scout Websites

Dorset Scout’s World Scout Jamboree Leader Selection Camp took place last weekend at Buddens Scout Centre

Twelve candidates attended the camp, all were worthy of a Leadership position but only seven spaces were available

These candidates make up two fantastic Leadership teams and I am very proud of them as I am sure you will be too. I am also very proud of the Leaders that we were unable to place.

I look forward to supporting the Units in their preparations for the Jamboree.

Jane Mearns
ACC International
Dorset County Scouts

Congratulations to:

  • Martin Gomm – Unit Leader
  • Stephen Gadd – Deputy Unit Leader
  • Edward Stones – Assistant Unit Leader
  • Paul Stevenson – Assistant Unit Leader
  • Wayne O’Conner – Unit Leader
  • Paul Dibben – Deputy Unit Leader
  • Charlie Pike – Assistant Unit Leader

A local Scout from Dorset, who has various difficulties in movement and hearing impairment, was really out of her comfort zone when it came to crate stacking. One of the candidates talked her through the whole way up, encouraging her and motivating her. She got up 11 crates. She now wants to apply for the Jamboree herself – thanks to that Leader – who of course got selected!!

Young People Selection Weekend will take place early this Autumn. Details and application forms will be emailed and available on Dorset Scouts County Website.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls