MOL – What, When, and Who

Progression of Learning for each MOL

First Aid

  • First step – Minimum Module 10 (one day) within first 3 years
  • Renewal every 3 years
    – 2-3 hour refresher can be chosen for the first and second renewal. Or opt for full one day refresher at both or either points.
    – Full one day refresher must be done every 9 years if refreshers have been done.


  • First step – Validated module 1 or module 1EX
  • Second step – Validated module 17 or LMS
  • Renewal every 5 years


  • First step – Validated module 1 or module 1EX
  • Renewal every 5 years


  • e-learning within 5 months of starting (no refresher required)

Who needs to renew Safeguarding and Safety?

  • All leader roles, section assistants, all managers including the supporter manager roles eg ADCs, SAS manager and coordinators, skills instructors, all exec (officers and members), AAC chair and secretary, advisers (Nights away, Training, to exec etc),  assessors, training managers, trainers, safeguarding awareness coordinator.
  • Not required by SAS members, AAC members, Badge secretaries, Camp wardens and administrators (including DESA and CTA), sub-committee members

Who needs to renew First Aid?

  • Roles that require a Wood-badge. If a volunteer opted to do the training even though it wasn’t required, they can choose to not renew it.

How can Safety and Safeguarding be renewed?

  • SAFETY can be renewed online each time, although best practice would be once online, next time do an instructor-led course
  • SAFEGUARDING can be renewed once online then next time renewed on an instructor-led course
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