MOL – Using the Compliance Assistant

You will need Excel for this function.

1 Download the results

  • Click over the blue symbol with the green arrow then click ‘CSV’ then follow the instructions being mindful of GDPR and where you should store the file

2 Download the Compliance Assistant function

  • Go to
    – Do this each time as it constantly updates, even though it will download onto your PC
  • Double-click the file named Compliance Assistant….
  • Click Download from the top right after reading the instructions in the green box
  • Open the downloaded file and complete the instructions about enabling the macros and possibly Edit depending on your Excel version

3 Run the Compliance Assistant function

  • Click the Start button
  • Follow the instructions to select the file you downloaded in the first step
  • Wait a few seconds or a little more depending on your PC and a new excel file will be created and opened for you
    – Tip: Save this new file straight away to save generating it again, being mindful of GDPR and where you should store the file

4 View the Compliance Assistant function

  • The first sheet gives you some explanation
  • The second sheer “Summary” gives you the stats
  • The third sheet “Appointments” gives info on each role held in your area.
    – Note its for each role so some people could have several entries with relevant info for each of their roles
    – Each beige line has something of note
    – Pink/Red are overdues
    – Orange will shortly become overdues
    – Each column has filters – click the little down arrow and you can control what is displayed. For example, in the ‘Safety Training completed date’ column, you can Filter by colour and select Pink/Red then you only see overdues.
  • The report is only as good as the data entered into Compass. Liaise with your LTM to add information and correct errors.
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