What are my Mandatory Ongoing Learning renewal dates?

These are stored on the Scouts Adult database called Compass. Everyone can have a Compass login. Unless you are a section leader, manager/supporter or admin, you will only see your own record.

  • Register here
    – You may need to be told your Membership number and what email has been input on Compass, ask your line manager or your appointments secretary

Once you have a login:

  • Login and go to your info by clicking ‘My Profile.
  • Go to the ‘Training’ tab (the one just below your name in big letters).
  • Scroll to the bottom and click the words ‘Mandatory Ongoing Learning’ to see your details.
  • To see what created these dates, click the words (eg First Aid or Safety or Safeguarding)
  • Whilst you’re logged in, review and correct if needed: Personal details, Emergency details, Communications

You can then:

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