MOL – Creating a report detail

1 Login to Compass

2 Go to the Reports option off of the Messaging/Reports tab

3 Select xxx Appointments Report

Reports are dependent on your role. Review your list and select Appointments Reports, see example below.

4 Scroll to the far right to see the MOL dates

On selecting the report, it will run with the default settings so you need to wait until you see the results are displayed.

If you scroll to the far right, you can see all the dates MOL training was completed, unfortunately, its not the expiry dates.

Look at the settings above the results to see who is included, eg. did it include all your groups, sections, role status etc (top dropdowns)

5 Run it again if you want to modify search criteria

Click the dropdowns to see your options and select the ones you want

Click View Report and wait for the new results

This can be downloaded and run through the Compliance Assistant to make it more usable.

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