Mandatory Ongoing Learning

Mandatory Ongoing Learning

Mandatory Ongoing Learning

Mandatory Ongoing Learning has always been important to The Scout Association to keep all its members safe. In POR version 2019, the rules and guidance were enhanced and in places extended. More tools were made available to enable Line Managers to monitor this to ensure all their volunteers stay up-to-date.

Many roles have to do Mandatory Ongoing Learning (MOL), in fact, all appointments subject to review. It includes:

  • First Aid (whether at First Response or First Aid certificate level)
  • Safety
  • Safeguarding
  • GDPR

Line managers are responsible for ensuring their team is up-to-date (POR 3.43.i, 4.50.i and 5.40.i). Other teams support them in making this happen, for example, Adult Training may invite specific adults to training events.

Support for Line Managers

Understanding what, when and who

Finding out who has expired or expiring training:

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