First Aid training announcement 12 Mar 2021

First Aid training announcement 12 Mar 2021

Note to GSLs and DESCs – this went out as a targeted Mailchimp email to all 450+ adults that need to either renew their mandatory first aid or are overdue doing their mandatory first aid for the first time. And the handful of people who had their wood badge awarded on the understanding they would complete their first aid as soon as options became available. We also hold a list of others who might want to renew or do it for their first time, they are not forgotten but we need to prioritise others first. You do not need to work out who needs it and let them know.



To all adults requiring First Aid training for a mandatory renewal or as their first time is overdue

We are now able to offer First Response training which complies with the recent changes to the syllabus and works within the COVID restrictions as guided by TSA.

There will be two options:

Option 1 : Three 2 hour sessions on Zoom with an instructor + a short practical session 

Zoom sessions are now available as we have partnered with Cornwall Scouts training team. More will be available as we start to offer Dorset sessions. They are mostly evening sessions over 3 weeks. All 3 need to be completed but can be done in any order. 

Option 2 : Self-study + one 2 hour session on Zoom with an instructor + a short practical session 

Self-study is already available and has been completed by a number of our adults. We hope to have the Zoom session available shortly. The self-study learning can be done at your own pace over a period of time. 


The extension to 6 months after we get to green level is still in place. Full details as to how this affects each person is here. We would encourage you to start your training as soon as possible so that we don’t have a bottleneck later. Whether you are renewing or doing the training for the first time, the options are the same. We do not yet have details on the short practical sessions as we are still planning.


Your next step

Decide how you will do the learning, option 1 or option 2, or maybe neither suits you. 

If you want to book the 3 online sessions of Option 1, this will be offered in stages. To prioritise getting the best cover in all sections, we will invite groups of people to book as places on courses become available. As soon as you get an invite to book, it will explain what to do and you can book the dates to suit you. Invites will start in the next few days with those who had their courses cancelled last year.

If you want to self-study part of it, enroll as soon as you can. You can complete it at your own pace. We will contact you once the supporting Zoom session is available. 

If you want to wait for an attendance, instructor-led course, please let us know so we can plan by registering here. We are not yet sure when we will be able to run these courses.

Any questions to

This is going to be a huge push to get this done. We are looking for help with the following: 

  • organising the practical sessions
  • more instructors (ideally experienced in delivering first aid and comfortable to do this on Zoom), 
  • ‘tutors’ to do the practical assessments (requires knowledge of DRABC, CPR and coaching/assessing eg. doctors, nurses, paramedics)

If you think you could help, please email

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