First Aid info

First Aid info

Training Requirements

These are from POR and mandatory.

  • Within 3 years – of joining, every leader and manager* should complete a first aid course (two levels available)
  • Every 3 years – Every leader and manager* must renew this training

*This does not include Section Assistants, Skills Instructors, SAS members and coordinators although they are welcome to do the training

Training Options

Scouting First Response course

  • Mandatory minimum, either as a 1 day instructor-led course or,
  • Part self-study online, followed by a practical session of a few hours with a short practical
  • Part self-study online, followed by a 2.5 hour Zoom session, followed by a short practical
  • Three 2 hour Zoom sessions, followed by a short practical

Scouting Full First Aid course

  • Alternative, 2 days, useful for Adventurous Activities
  • Qualifies you to wear First Aid badge

External course

  • Must cover same syllabus as scouting requires
  • Enquire with Dorset’s first aid support team by sending a photo / copy of your certificate
  • You may be required to do some top-up training if anything wasn’t covered

Keeping your Compass record up-to-date for you

Dorset Adult training team keep first aid records up-to-date and offers full support with any enquiries. First response/aid used to be recorded as module 10 but to allow us to record the change in delivery, it is now recorded as 10a and 10b. 10a is validated once the none-practical elements are complete and 10b once the practical  is complete.


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