FAQs for correcting Emails on Compass records

FAQs for correcting Emails on Compass records

Definitions that will help:

Invalid Email/Hard Bounce – The email address entered into Compass is not a valid email address (likely misspelt) or the domain doesn’t exist. This will need updating with a current and unique email address.

Unsubscribed – This member is unsubscribed from all Scouts emails and will not receive their invite to login to the new system. They will need to contact the Support Centre directly to be subscribed to mailing and can control the emails they get via the communications tab on their Compass record.

Soft Bounce – This most commonly occurs when the mailbox being issued is full or the server for this mailbox has been shut down. An updated email address or clearing of the inbox will be required for any emails to sent. 


Unique email addresses: One email address in the new system equals one member. Shared email addresses will cause issues – they will be allocated to one member, but not the other. This is often an issue with couples who share an email address, e.g. adamandeve@eden.com. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do – they each need their own email address for the new system. Adam could retain the original joint email address if they want, but Eve will need a different email address. This could also apply to a team in Scouts, e.g. cubs@scoutgroup.com will behave in the same way.  If they don’t update before data migration, only one member will be able to log in. The others will need to contact HQ so they can be set up with their different email address. We can reduce friction for our volunteers if we get them to update their Compass records with another email address before migration.


Proxy access: we know that some of our members genuinely don’t have email addresses and will have someone help them. This will have to be set up manually once the data is migrated. For now, remove email addresses and then they will be listed in the new system for their manager to set up proxy access by a person they nominate (doesn’t have to be their manager). If the person has no current email, Select that option in the Email field.


Corporate email addresses: these are not prohibited. But there are potential issues. The first is that the member has no control over the email address and if they leave the job it may be closed down before they have a chance to update their Scouts record. Another is that some corporate networks have controls on incoming emails and might screen out something from xxxx@scouts.org.uk or similar. Therefore, not prohibited, just use with caution.

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