Skills and Permit Training

Adults can learn and develop their adventurous activities skills

Skills & Permit Training


Dorset Scouts Assistant County Commissioners can advise and help with queries:

Air activities do not have any Scouting permits as only external qualifications are acceptable to run air adventurous actitivities. Therefore, there is no ACC but there is an Air Adviser:

Training and Permit Assessment

The standard training scheme for leaders is to deliver day-to-day scouting activities and ends in the Woodbadge award. Leaders can extend their skills by doing specialist training, often specialising in one of adventurous activities categories of land, sea or air. An assessment can lead to a permit allowing them to run a particular adventurous activity.

Other roles can also become adventurous activity permitted holders. An existing SAS member may do so. Or an adult may volunteer to be a Skills Instructor only and they do the mandatory Getting Started training  then the specialist skills training.

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Learning Opportunities

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