Getting Started training and the Safety and Safeguarding renewal’s are being changed in Sept 2020. The main changes are:

  • Module 1 and Module 1EX content is being revised and reorganised into new modules. Their validation will change from tasks and a review with a training adviser, to questions in the modules that check understanding, which will produce a certificate.
  • Module 6 (Changes in Scouting) will be discontinued as its content is moving into Module 1.
  • The initial and refresher for both Safety and Safeguarding training will become identical, will have been revised over the summer and already launched, and the renewal period will change from 5 years to 3 years. The Safety and Safeguarding training will be stand-alone ‘modules’ rather than part of module 1 and module 1EX and will include questions that check understanding which will produce a certificate. There will be a transition period to implement the new 3 year renewal for those effected and Compass will be update to reflect all new dates.
  • The trustee training for execs that was in module 1EX will become a stand-alone module called Trustee Introduction.
  • The allowed extension to completing the Getting Started training will be removed. All volunteers will be expected to have completed the Getting Started training and the approval process within the first 5 months. If not, the process ‘Mutually Agreed Restrictions’ will be used or the role will be cancelled.
  • There will be no change to module 2, 3, 4 or GDPR.

Reorganisation of the modules

In the current scheme, most appointed volunteers do Module 1 and Exec roles do an alternative known as Module 1EX. There is a large overlap in these modules which led to a top-up version being available for volunteers who became exec members. and had already done Module 1. After 5 years, the safety and safeguarding elements needed to be renewed and there were separate online courses with the information presented differently from module 1. This is illustrated in the left hand side of this diagram, under ‘Current Scheme’. The right hand side shows how it will be after the changes.


Who will do what Getting Started training?

From Sept 2020, nearly all appointed roles will do Module 1, the Safety module, the Safeguarding module and the GDPR module.

Execs will also do the new Trustee Introduction module.

Leaders will also do Module 3 and Module 2 (requires working with a training advisor).

Managers and Supporters will also do Module 4 and Module 2 (requires working with a training advisor).

Exact details are dependent on the role.


Training options

Online Workbook Instructor-led course
Module 1 Yes and preferred option Yes No
Safety Yes and preferred option Yes No
Safeguarding Yes and preferred option Yes No
GDPR Yes No No
Trustee Induction Yes Yes No
Module 3 Yes No Unlikely to be offered due to low numbers
Module 4 Yes No No
Module 2 No Yes but normally done one to one with a training adviser No
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