Appointments and Membership

There are 3 categories of exec roles. Officers (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer), exec committee members and then sub-committee members. However, the training required is slightly different.

Role Minimum membership Getting Started training Training Obligations Mandatory Ongoing Learning
Exec Officers and Committee members Associate None 1, SAFE, SFTY, GDPR and TRST Requires refreshers
Sub-committee member Associate None 1, SAFE, SFTY and GDPR Requires refreshers
Appointments Chair, Secretary and Committee members Associate None 1, SAFE, SFTY and GDPR, and 37 Requires refreshers

Associate members do not make the promise but may wear the uniform (POR 3.1). They are not entitled to wear the purple membership badge as they are not full members. They can become full members by making their promise and this should be recorded by the Secretary. Awards can be recommended and service is accrued, by both Full and Associate members.

Officers and committee members require a DBS. The DBS is important as it checks their ability to hold the trustee role, as well as other aspects. Group sub-committee members are also required to have a DBS (but not the District and County equivalents). Officers and committee members are voted on and approved by the Scout Council at the AGM. All the other roles are voted on and approved by the relevant exec committee.

ALL exec members were required to be entered on to Compass and a DBS check done since 2016 when it was introduced in POR.


Understanding Exec roles and their training

All exec roles go to Full and they complete their training afterwards. Modules 1, SAFE, SFTY, GDPR and TRST (where required) need to be completed within 5 months of the role being started.

Note, it is harder to track the training of roles that have gone to Full so the Training Assistant Report should be used and can be obtained from the Local Training Manager.

How their training can be done

For those that are ok doing online training, they can access the relevant modules here and send their certificates to their LTM.

There will be some people on execs who aren’t ok with online learning, please ask them to talk to their Chair or their LTM.



The modules 1, SAFE, SFTY, GDPR and TRST all have assessments at the end then produce a certificate which counts as validation. The certificates should be emailed or shown to the Chair or their LTM.

Exec members on Compass

When entering officer and exec roles onto member records on Compass, the Approval flag must be set to show the role has been approved at the relevant vote. On Compass, only the Appointments Secretary has access to do this. The Exec Secretary should email the Appointments Secretary to request this, confirming that vote has been minuted.

Leaders who are an exec member (ex-officio or elected), should also be given the exec member role so that their training can be identified and recorded.

Managers who are ex-officio do not need to be given the exec member role as the manager training includes the exec training. They do not need to be identified as exec either, as it is mandatory that they are ex-officio members, unlike section leaders for whom it is optional.


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