Our mission is that each young person can take part in and be inspired by great programme experiences.

To achieve this we need to focus on the quality and consistency of programme experiences in all our sections, right across the county. And provide sufficient places for any young people who wish to join.

Dorset already delivers outstanding programme and has over 6500 young people as members. When looking for opportunities to do more of our best, the following were identified:

    • There were 18 missing sections from various groups meaning up to 360 young people could be missing out.
    • We have over 500 young people on our waiting lists across the county, so how can we create places for them.
    • 240 sections don’t have a minimum of 5 females which could be addressed as part of a wider consideration of our inclusivity.
    • “Better Prepared” Weymouth
    • Challenge ourselves to deliver even more community impact. Could we reach 110 projects?
    • Be better known for what we do and get over the message that we are modern and relevant. Many members of the public have outdated views of scouting.

As part of the discussion on how we develop, it was agreed that districts deliver programme and are the engines for growth. Therefore, county’s role is to support them.

Support to Districts

Hilary Stroud is responsible for county’s contribution to growth and development. Managers and leaders can contact her for support and advice.

The Regional Services Team (RST) is a staff team which operates across England, supporting the opening of new Scout groups and sections, and provide support to volunteer managers and growth supporters. You can talk to them direct then application for their support needs to be discussed with the CC.


OSM_Gold discount code_instructions for sections

County will pay for the Gold package for all OSM section users via the use of a discount code. If your section does not already use OSM, sign up which will put you on the Silver package. If you are currently on Bronze or Silver, the discount code will upgrade you, if you are currently on Gold+, you will just pay the difference at renewal time.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls