Adult Support

The Scout Association's Adult Training Scheme is based around showing competence in role appropriate modules.

Adult Support

The Volunteer Journey

Adult Support starts from that initial chat between a potential volunteer and a member of Scouting. Managers and Leaders start them off on their volunteer’s journey.




All potential volunteers will go through the appointment process to ensure our young people are protected and to ensure the volunteer is welcomed and is comfortable about what they will do. Appointments Secretaries are the key to this process and there is one for Dorset and in each local district.



From day one, Adult Training offers support and courses to develop all our volunteers to be effective and enjoy their time in Scouting.



Our Adults are valued in many ways from a smile and a thank-you, to formal Awards. DCC District Support is Awards Advisor to Managers around the County.



Adults Supporting Adults

The Scout Association is an inclusive movement but this can give challenges. Our Additional Needs team can help you with your questions about including members with Additional Needs.


Scout Active Support are volunteers that support other adults to deliver the programme. You can be an SAS Volunteer for your District and/or County. As well as a general team there is the 4×4 team who can attend events needing 4-wheel drive support vehicles.


DCC District Support can offer support to recruiting and appointing our managers, for example District Commissioners and Group Scout Leaders.



Often marketing & communication isn’t in the skill-sets of our managers and leaders. The Scout Association has many resources to support them and the DCC Growth and Development’s team can give personal support.


Scouting, a movement that is growing and developing through the skills and commitment of over 100,000 adult volunteers in the UK, over 2100 of them in Dorset. The Regional Support Team (RST) can offer support to growth and development projects.



Resources Supporting Adults

Find your way round the structure and set-up of scouting. Check out those rules about activities, ratios, AGMs.



Find the login page to the adult registration system, with its support pages.



Find the login to our online disclosure application system.


Find the login to the Brand Centre where you can create posters and materials with ease, and on brand.


Find the details of our Emergency purple card when that pesky paper card has gone AWOL.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls