County Team

Scouting is delivered and run by a team of people. That team is then supported by our President and an executive committee.
  • Brendan Booth is County Commissioner and manages the team.
  • Melvin Stroud heads up delivery of county-led programme and activities and relevant support to districts. This includes sectional events, county events and competitions, international events and support, Duke of Edinburgh support, Queens Scout support, sectional awards support and programme development.
  • David Winson runs Adult Training for Dorset. This includes the delivery of training in its multiple forms, supporting learners through a network of training advisers and ensuring our volunteers stay up to date in their skills and knowledge.
  • Shirley Marden gives support to the districts. This includes additional needs support, Scout Active Support.
  • Hilary Stroud focuses on Growth and Development of Dorset scouting.

Scouting is primarily delivered to our young people at district level and each district has a District Commissioner who reports to our County Commissioner.

Dorset scouts enjoys and values the support of our President Captain Michael Fulford-Dobson RN and our Vice-Presidents Rear Admiral John Croydon RN, Dr. James Morton, Rob Seward, Richard Whiteside and Ken Old. Between them they bring many professional skills and years of scouting experience.

Executive Committee

The executive committee is responsible for compliance and charity governance, financial management and fund raising, property, equipment and insurance, adult appointment and people management, IT support, archives, safety, support, promotion and development of local scouting.

A sub-committee manages the appointment of adults to county positions.

Raising funds for adventures

Whilst some funds come from subscriptions, Dorset scouts is always looking for ways to raise more so it can do more.

It welcomes interest from outside organisations and individuals, whether to support a specific project or to support our work in general. Please contact our office who will put you in touch with our executive for a discussion.

If you need to contact any of our lead volunteer members of the county team, please use the appropriate emails as below:

County Commissioner –

County Chairperson –

Deputy County Commissioner for Programme and Activities –

Deputy County Commissioner for District Support –

Deputy County Commissioner for Growth and Development –

Assistant County Commissioner Squirrels –

Assistant County Commissioner Beavers –

Assistant County Commissioner Cubs –

Assistant County Commissioner Scouts –

Assistant County Commissioner Explorers –

Assistant County Commissioner Network –

Assistant County Commissioner Young Leaders –

Assistant County Commissioner International –

County Training Manager –

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls