These questions have been raised by our roadshows if you have any other please get in touch


I have not been a Scout for very long, does that matter?

Nope – As long as you were born between these dates 22 July 2005 and 31 July 2009 and actively involved/invested in a Scout or Explorer section then you can register for selection weekend  on the 6th and 7th of November 2021

Can I apply for another Scout Jamboree if I don’t get on this one?

Yes… but it is unlikely you will be able to go on another World Scout Jamboree as a participant as they run every 4 years when it comes around again you maybe to old. You can however apply for other international camps being run at unit/section/district/county level.



Application and Selection Weekend

When will we know more details about the selection weekend?

Selection weekend will be on the 6th to 7th of November 2021 and Buddens Activity Centre Wareham details will be emailed out once you have completed the application form. It will be a free camp for you to attend.

Does everyone that applies for selection get to go on selection?

Oh yes, once applied you will receive an email with details for Permission to Camp and further details needed for the weekend.

How many people are invited to the selection weekend?

As many as who apply for the selection weekend, there is no limit will run the weekend with as many who want to be part of this journey.

How likely is it that I will get a place on the WSJ?

Not to pinch a catchphrase… “you have to be in it to win it” be bold, be brave, think big, act together and maybe you will join us on the adventure. There are 54 places up for grabs in Dorset based on previous jamboree selection weekends between 150 – 170 applicants have gone for the selection weekend.

Do I have to pay for the selection week?

You really have nothing to lose here it is a free camp with an amazing opportunity… no cost to you whatsoever food, activities and camp fees all paid for.

What happens on the selection weekend and do I need any special skills to do well?

The selection weekend is where we will have all the leaders looking for the qualities we have mentioned in the roadshows Be Bold, Be Brave, Show Warmth and Compassion. We are not necessarily looking for Bear Grylls wanna be all we ask is be you, Show YOUR Stripes and Challenge yourself to be your best.

Does it matter if we applied for selection before a roadshow?

The questions in the application form are supplementary and not what we will be basing our decisions on of course we will use them but Show Your Stripes is something we want to see not read!

How will you determine whether my son has written it whether I (parent) have written it?

The application form isn’t what we will be basing our decision on it will be used as supplementary information. In addition, we have a teacher on the team who has experience in this kind of thing we also would expect one of the core values of Scouting… A Scout is to be trusted.

Is there an alternative if I don't get selected?

Plenty, we acknowledge there will be a group of young people who will be disappointed by not being selected. For some IST might be an option, for others county organise Scouts on Coaches (SOC’s), most Districts also organise international trips please ask your leaders if they are aware of any of these.

How can I find out more about what it is like to attend a Jamboree?

The best way to find out about a Jamboree is to talk to someone who has been before, the young people who went to the Jamboree in Japan or USA would be a good starting point.

Do I have to tell my Group / District?

You don’t have to, but it might be good to tell your leaders. As part of our checks, we will notify all District Commissioners of the applicants from their District, and after selection and participant notification, the results.

Training Weekends

When will the training weekend be, will they be in the school holidays or around my GCSEs?

These dates are yet to be set but we hope to have them for the selection weekend so that can help you plan.

Are there any costs involved in the training weekends?

No, the training weekends are included in the total cost of the trip. The only thing which will be added will be transport to the different locations we will meet at.

Are the training weekends compulsory?

Signing up to WSJ is a commitment the training weekends are in place for us to help you. The training weekends are there to you acclimatise to the environment and the trip itself. We understand life will get in the way we hope to release the dates for these training weekends as soon as possible so you can plan around them.

What Kit is required

We will cover kit on the training weekends but initially just camping equipment to cope with camping in the UK. Some equipment will be provided but we will as part of the training weekends be inviting in retailers who will go through kit in more detail.

Will I know the people in my unit before we go?

The unit is likely to be made up of Scouts and Explorers from across the County and you may not know many people at the start of the journey. However in the build up to the Jamboree you will have a number of training events to get to know your unit and many Scouts tell us that by the time they go to a Jamboree their unit become like a second family.

Do I need to use Social Media?

Whilst it is not compulsory, you will get the most out of the unit team building by joining in on Social Media. The unit will normally decide on one social media platform to use (can be a Facebook group, Whats App group etc.). Normally, there will be one social media channel which is supervised / monitored by the leader team. Participants then usually setup their own independent channels which are not monitored. Official Communication will be via E-mail and/or the one monitored Channel.

How many training weekends will there be, and do I have to go to them?

Dorset usually have a number of training events / weekends, usually around 6 to 10 but this will depend on the unit, and we will be looking for you to attend all of these so that the unit can bond together as a unit.

Where will the training weekends be?

It will be down to the Unit Leadership team to decide on the locations. Most will be within Dorset, but as some units are being shared with other Counties, some might be located in their home areas.

Will there be any Virtual Training?

Depending on how quickly we return to normal, there may need to be some Virtual Training / unit meetings (most likely to happen in the beginning, but may be used if new or urgent information comes out).

The UK Contingent

How many Jamboree places does Dorset have?

Dorset has been awarded 6 patrols, so we will need 56 participants and 6 leaders. This is across two and half units (one whole unit 79, with 36 places, and one part unit 80 split with the Channel Islands).

If Dorset groups are numbers 79 and 80 – does that mean there are 80 or more groups from around the country?

There are in total 90 groups that UK Scouting will be sending to Korea in 2023.

will we get to meet other groups from the UK before we go?

Possibly, whilst there are currently no known joint plans to meet before we go, events like Gilwell 24, Monopoly Run in Explorers that may mean we can meet up with other WSJ participants.

How many young people and helpers go from across the UK?

So there are 90 Units, about 3240 participants, 360 Unit Leaders, 900 IST team members and from the Contingent Support Team (CST) 20 and Contingent Management Team (CMT) 50

How do I apply for IST?

November 2021 places for International Service Team (IST) will be open which will allow you to attend the WSJ in a supporting role more information can be found here.

How much does a place on IST cost?

There are no prices as yet (08/10/2021) but based on previous IST there were different packages to suit your requirements.

What is the UK contingent?

The UK contingent is the name for all of the participants, leaders and the International Service Team who will attend the event from the UK. The entire contingent will contain about 4,500 people!

What makes up a Jamboree unit?

A Jamboree unit is made up of 40 people; this is 4 leaders and 36 participants organised into 4 patrols. The UK contingent will include approx. 90 units.

Costs and Fundraising

Do I have to pay all of the money at the start?

No, we need stage payments to meet the commitment to pay Scout HQ over the next two years. Once we know the HQ payment schedule, we will set the schedule and publish it. All participants will need to keep to this schedule.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

If you are offered a place on the Jamboree after the selection process, you will need to confirm your acceptance with a non-refundable deposit. The non refundable deposit will be for £200, topped up with £200 to meet first payment required by HQ. If you are struggling to organise this payment, please talk to us.

What does the fundraising money cover?

Any money raised via group fundraising will be split between those attending that event and will be the same for any other fundraising.

Do I have to pay for anything else for the trip? / what is included?

The cost that will be confirmed soon will be the only sum you will need to pay. This will cover training camps / flights / food / accommodation / transfers / activities / merch and some equipment.

How much of the money do I need to fundraise?

As much as you want to… it has been known that the full amount can be paid fully by just fundraising.

Can I start fundraising as soon as I get selected?

Absolutely no problem with that we would recommend however that you look at working in your district too. In the past many participants have fundraised their entire Jamboree fee. However, fundraising may be more difficult in the aftermath of Covid. Essentially, if you work hard at your fundraising, you are more likely to raise more. If you sit back and let others do it, you are less likely to raise the money. Fundraising can be done individually, in small groups, as part of an Explorer Unit / District, or with others. Please check the Welcome Pack for details of which leader has been assigned to your district.

Do I have to do all the fundraising myself?

No not at all, we will do fundraising as a Unit and your districts will assist too

If chosen is there a deposit required before the bulk of fundraising?

There are a few things that still need to be confirmed in order to answer this we are aware that costs will be partially covered by Dorset Scouts to meet the first payment. We will need to pay this back but will be included in subsequent scheduled payments. We are likely to know the final costs of the WSJ released in early December.

How much will the Jamboree cost?

The Jamboree fee is made up of two separate amounts.

a. UK HQ WSJ Fee. UK Contingent Management Team which is set at £3,495. We have no say in this fee, although Dorset Scouts are responsible to collect it and pass it to HQ. This amount covers all costs from when the unit assembles at a UK Airport, until their return. Compulsory uniform items and some kit (such as kit bag) are usually included in this.

b. Dorset Scouts Training Fee. This is the cost of training and pre-jamboree activities in Dorset prior to the WSJ. Each unit usually has between 5 – 7 events (being an evening, a day or a weekend) to prepare for the WSJ, and it also usually includes additional items such as hoodies and unit scarfs. The Dorset Scouts Training fee has been finalised at £255 bringing total to £3750.

Are there any other costs not included above?

There may be a few other items such as
a. All participants will require an individual valid passport in their own name with 6 months expiry from date of return to the UK after the WSJ.
b. Visa’s may be required for the countries being visited.
c. Compulsory and voluntary Vaccinations may be required for the countries being visited.
d. Some kit will be required (such as sleeping bags, mats, footwear etc.)
e. There are usually options to buy additional UK Contingent kit, and Unit kit (so sometimes extra hoodies, badges, or even an additional item that the unit would like but is not in the budget).
f. Travel and transport to all training events.

Do the Jamboree Leaders help us Fundraise?

The main role of the Jamboree leaders is to form the Jamboree Unit and help the unit bond and prepare for the expedition. They will help with fund raising ideas, and will encourage the unit to talk and chat about what is working, and what is not working for the members of the unit. The leaders may also be offered fund raising activities that they then share out to the unit, and of course, the leaders also need to raise their own funds as well. However, the leaders are NOT responsible to fund raise for you, or to organise any fundraising. Ultimately, this is down to you.

What happens if I need to withdraw after paying the deposit?

Refunds of money paid will only be given if we can refill your place on the Jamboree, less the non-refundable deposit, less the cost for training / equipment received or ordered, less the cost of changing names charged by HQ, and any discount needed to be given to fill the place (potentially at short notice). If money has been fundraised, then under charity commission rules, we may need to return this money to the original source of the funds. If this is not possible (for example it was a bag pack), then it may need to be kept and used for a suitable comparable alternative purpose. Monies will be refunded in the following order (after costs)
A. Any HQ Grant
B. Any County Grant
C. Any District Grant
D. Any Group Grant
E. Any other organisation Grant
F. Any untraceable funds donated (such as bag packs) donated to Dorset WSJ fund
G. Any remaining funds returned to source
You may still need to pay money in to go towards refunding grants / cover costs.

What happens if I need to withdraw close to departure?

We will always try very hard to re-fill the place, however, this may be very difficult – especially at short notice. Depending on the reason for withdrawal, there may be insurance cover (for instance, a broken bone or a major illness / death in immediate family). However, we reserve the right to insist on payment in full, even if you do not attend.

How will money for the Jamboree be handled?

All funds for the Jamboree will be paid directly into the WSJ Dorset County Scouts bank account (either via cheque, cash or electronic transfer). We will issue instructions on this procedure later. No funds are to be paid to any Jamboree leader. For keeping track of each individual participant account, we are looking at appointing a finance point of contact, who will use an accounting system to keep track of all monies and send through statements showing your progress.

Can we claim gift aid on fundraising?

Unfortunately, the Jamboree does not qualify for gift aid, and therefore, no gift aid can be claimed / reclaimed for Jamboree payments / fundraising.

The Main Event

I have a medical condition/disability will that prohibit me from applying

Not in any way shape or form, Scouting is fully inclusive; disability, sexuality, identity, race, religion all will not form a barrier to us selecting you for our adventure.
The ethos of the Jamboree is that it should be open and accessible to everyone of the correct age. As a result, every effort will be made in to accommodate young people who are differently abled wherever and whenever reasonable adjustments are possible. This may be simple physical or environmental changes through to more complex adjustments, including allowing a carer / helper to attend. Whilst these can cover a wide range of requirements, obviously this is a very complex area. We would suggest that if you have any particular questions relating to personal adjustments then please contact us on
Fundamentally, all participants in the Jamboree, young person or leader, must be aware that it is a 3 week expedition, mainly camping overseas, with a wide range of activities. It is loads of fun, but it will also be very tiring at times and can have an element of stress relating to logistics, cultural differences and time zones.

What is a World Scout Jamboree?

The World Scout Jamboree is a bit like the Olympics’ – it is held every four years at different locations around the world. Scouts from every Scouting nation (about 226 countries and territories) attend for an event to share fun, adventure, world issues and friendship. Approximately 30,000 Scouts are expected at the next event to be held in South Korea. The Jamboree lasts for 12 days, and on top of this is sightseeing, and hosted hospitality to form a 3 week expedition. The World Scout Jamboree is seen as a pinnacle event for Scouts.

What is hosted Hospitality and where will it be?

Hosted Hospitality took over from Home Hospitality in 2019, and is a unique opportunity to stay with a foreign Scout Group / District in another country. Essentially, the whole unit stays together, but undertakes activities with the host group / district. This is a real privilege to see the country through the eyes of people who live there. At this stage we do not know if Hosted Hospitality will be available to units or where it may be (typically it is in Countries close to the Jamboree Country).

What makes a Jamboree special?

The Jamboree is not just a huge gathering of Scouts and Guides from all around the World, it is more than that. Scouts from around the world living, working and having fun together. When a member of the United Nations visited the Jamboree in Japan he described it as “the way the World should be”. It is truly a special place where Scouts can share their cultural and national backgrounds and words cannot do it justice.

What is the Jamboree theme?

“Draw your Dream!” expresses the desire of the members of the Scout Movement to transform the World Scout Jamboree into their own festival and to grow their dreams through it. Saemangeum, which will be shaped into a spacious recreational ground (10 k㎡), where young scouts from around the world will pursue their dreams throughout the World Scout Jamboree.

Will there be vegan options for catering?

If previous WSJ’s are run the same way and we believe it will, there is a grocery store on-site for us to select what we want for food and cooking. Which will give us the options for what we would like to cook whilst on site.

May I bring my mobile with me on WSJ?

Yes although please consider the following:

Roaming charges by your mobile phone provider may have changed recently
We don’t know what facilities we will have to recharge devices
We suggest maybe an old secondary phone which can use as a camera
In the event of emergency or help being needed contacting an onsite leader should be done first

What about language barriers

We are in a different country with representatives from around the world, we are taking 900+ UK IST volunteers with us as well plus other English speaking countries the announcements for events are done in English, French and Korean. We will also on the training weekends be helping with some basic Korean sayings that will assist you whilst out on the Jamboree.

Where on the site are we going to be camping?

There is a lot of information at this point we are not likely to know until closer to the event this being one of them. The leadership team will be updated monthly with new developments and information and will relay this back to the parents of the 54 selected to come with us.

Can you accommodate special dietary requirements?

A lot dietary requirements can reasonably easily be catered for, as long as you are prepared to be as flexible as possible. Dietary requirements based on religion, and for example Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free are routine. The WSJ itself will be set up for these. However all participants need to be aware that access to particular foods whilst travelling can be more challenging so a degree of flexibility is appreciated. Other dietary requirements will need more work to be achieved. If you have any concerns, then please contact us on

What time is the flight do you have any flight details?

There is a lot of information at this point we are not likely to know until closer to the event this being one of them. Travel information at this stage is going to be difficult to confirm as COVID is still causing problems with planning transport. It is highly likely we won’t know this information till quite close to departure.

What about insurance

Insurance is included in the cost and will be provided for we are still awaiting details for who it will be with and what it will cover please keep checking here for updates.

What happens if I get lost

Great question, organisers will map out where each unit will be camping the site is massive so getting lost needs to perhaps form part of the experience! The International Service (IST) will be on hand 24/7 to help you find your way and get back to base camp! We will also do as much as we can to help identify our camp as much as possible with landmarks!

Where and when will the 25th World Scout Jamboree (WSJ) be?

The World Scout Jamboree will be held from 1st to 12th August in 2023 in Saemangeum, Jeollabuk-do Province with dates either side for travel and UK contingent events.

How long is the whole trip and where is it?

We will be on camp on 1st to 12th of August 2023, there is however a pre and post-event. At this time (16/10/2021) we do not know much about how this will work but we do know you will need to allow for a 4-week window sandwiching 1-12 of August. In Saemangeum, Jeollabuk-do Province.

The site is vast what security is onsite?

The site is at least 12km so you are not wrong it is vast… we know in America the local organisers were heavily involved with local government agencies to support the security of the site. This wont be any different for us in Korea. Onsite security will be present as well we marshalls ensuring all participants (including leaders and staff) are wearing camp neckers and any identification/passes to help secure the site.

Where will the Jamboree be?

The Jamboree will be held in Saemangeum, Jeollabuk-do Province. Find out more about the site by visiting the Jamboree website at

What vaccines do we need?

This information is in progress with CMT and CST and is due to be passed down as soon as we know about it. Regarding COVID will depend on the host’s country expectations of travellers coming into the country.

Online Scout Manager (OSM)

What is OSM?

OSM stands for Online Scout Manager. It is a web based system that enables us to communicate easily with all leaders and participants (and parents) of the Jamboree units. It allows you to update your own information (such as contact addresses, telephone numbers, medical information, doctors contact details etc.). Dorset County Scouts will be using this to manage its information, and we will be able to issue information on training weekends and fundraising events via OSM, and you will be able to confirm attendance. It will save a massive amount of paperwork flowing in both directions, which will reduce costs!

When will we start using OSM?

As soon as we deal with the administration after selection weekend we will ask your groups to share details over OSM then send out invite to the WSJ Unit.

What is the Jamboree Management System?

This is a web based system used by HQ to obtain information on all participants for their management on the planning and running of the Jamboree, and unfortunately, it is NOT linked to OSM. This system usually starts to be used around 18 months prior to the Jamboree.

Do I have to use OSM and Jamboree Management System?

Yes, you will need to use both systems, and keep both systems up to date.

Other Questions

How are the leaders selected?

We will be using a similar process to select the unit leaders, that will be running a month ahead of the participant process. In compliance with our national scouting ethos, the selection of leaders will be based on our standard leadership competences, including those relating to resilience and an appreciation of cultural differences, accessibility and inclusion.

What about GDPR?

As a Dorset County Scout event, data will be handled as described by the Dorset County Scouts GDPR policy (available from the Dorset County Scouts Website). Central Data such as application forms will be held on the Dorset County Scouts WordPress site. OSM will be used for the day to day running of the Dorset World Scout Jamboree. Access will be limited to the Dorset Jamboree Leaders. Working documents for camp planning will be held on a Cloud Shared Drive that will enable leadership team colabroative working. Financial data will be held and processed in an accountancy system set up for this purpose. Data will also be shared with UK Scout HQ where needed for the planning and management of the WSJ. Data will be destroyed in various stages, up to 11 years after the last WSJ event (for instance general data could be 2 years, financial data will be destroyed after 7 years, medical / insurance information could be 11 years).

Will we be insured?

The UK HQ will organise the insurance for the expedition (usually through their Insurance arm – Unity). When we have details, we will forward this on to you.

What about Covid?

The WSJ is over 2 years away, we are continuing on the basis that issues caused by Coronavirus will dissipate over the next 2 years. However, we are not able to predict the future and Covid may become an issue again. We will have to wait to see what Insurance can be put into place, but we think it would be fair to say it is unlikely that insurance for a Covid cancellation would be possible. If Covid were to become an issue, and withdrawal / cancellation occurs, then you will need to expect that it may not be possible to refund some or all of your monies paid due to factors outside of the direct control of Dorset County Scouts / uninsurable situations.

What are the other risks of visiting South Korea?

South Korea is a modern, advanced nation, and has recently held a successful Winter Olympics. There is a low ongoing risk of conflict between North and South Korea, since the two countries are still technically at war, but the current armistice has been stable for the past 60 years.

Who has the final say?

All places in the Dorset WSJ units are granted by permission of the Dorset County Commissioner. At any time, and for any reason, an individual’s place may be withdrawn by the County Commissioner. The financial consequences of this, will follow the What happens if I need to withdraw after paying the deposit.

What is the acceptance letter

The acceptance letter is contract between you and Scout Association that you agree to support the trip and meet the payments needed for WSJ.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls