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Frostbite 2019 – Info for DESCs Leaders


Network members – the Explorer leaders need your help !

Frostbite 2019
County Explorer night hike/challenge competition
16th/17th February

For those who haven’t been to Frostbite the event includes –

  1. On the Saturday evening, a night hike with checkpoints manned by adults
  2. A lightweight camp overnight
  3. Challenges on the Campsite on Sunday morning – 6 bases.
  4. Presentation Sunday lunchtime.

We are therefore looking for adults to –

  • man checkpoints on Sat eve until late (!!)
  • run challenge bases on Sun morning
  • run a kitchen to feed adults on Sat eve, YP when they return from hike, breakfast for all

It’s a great event – we had 16 teams enter in 2018 and had great support from leaders and adults across the County.

If you are interested and would like to help please let me know – the Explorers would love to see you there!!


Many thanks
Tania Mandall
Assistant County Commissioner
Explorer Scouts

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