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First Response Requirements

First Response Requirements…

Training Best Practice

  • Within 3 years – of joining, every leader and manager* should complete a First Response course
  • Every 3 years – Every leader and manager* should renew this training

This does not include Section Assistants, Skills Instructors, SAS members and coordinators although they are welcome to do the training

Training Options

Scouting First Response course

  • Mandatory minimum, 1 day

Scouting Full First Aid course

  • Alternative, 2 days, useful for Adventurous Activities
  • Qualifies you to wear First Aid badge

External course

  • Must cover same syllabus as scouting requires
  • Enquire with your LTM if it’s ok by sending a photo / copy of your certificate
  • You may be required to do some top – up training

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